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The birth of Powerplay Gym was back in September, 2005.  The founder of Powerplay Gym, Joe Nader, a former Australian and South Pacific Cruiser Weight Champion who trained with the best.

Powerplay Gym has grown from a handful of fighters commencing over a decade ago to now operating as an extensive full time gym offering services ranging from Boxing, Muay Thai, Martial Arts, Mental and Physical Health Fitness, Well Being, Fitness, Personal Training, Self-defence training for children and adults, Body Sculpting, Strengthening and weights, Sports Science, Weight Loss, Weight Management, Diet Planning, improving individual sporting performance, we make it happen.  We offer group classes for Mixed, Ladies Only and Children, including one on one personal training sessions in all these fields.

Our Muay Thai Boxing offered is the traditional combat art of Thailand, combining intensive fitness training and self-defense using punches, elbows, knees, and kicks. It’s a high intensity workout using large muscle groups and powerful and explosive rotational movements. Muay Thai is suitable for anyone of any age, ability, or fitness level – from beginners to advanced.

In addition, our Sports Scientist has experience in various physiology, nutritional and biochemical areas.  This includes how to properly form diet plans, conducting numerous exercise tests and also determining and analysing data sets helping improvement with individual sporting performance.

Feeling down, isolated, alone, depressed, fighting stress.  We can help guide you in taking the first steps towards healing and recovery.  As you walk through our doors, consider the hardest part of your training session already over.  You have done your part; you’ve turned up, leave the rest in our capable hands.


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